Projector Screen Manual 100" Ultra

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This spectacular 100-inch diagonal projection screen is the perfect canvas to transform your ideas into compelling presentations. Cinematic 16:9 format provides a panoramic showcase for comfortable viewing from virtually any location in a wide variety of settings. Built entirely of heavy gauge components for years of dependable use, the screen is ideal for classrooms, auditoriums or conference rooms. Simple design and rugged construction offer both durability and style. Affordable price makes this 100-inch diagonal projection screen one of the top values in the industry.

The size of this projector screen is the reason to get it. Because it's nearly twice the size of a standard classroom screen, students can easily see and read powerpoint lecture notes from anywhere in the room. The screen's relatively low price helped make it affordable as personal expense to supplement the teaching tools in my classroom.

What can I say; its 100inches wow..My wife was shocked when the box showed up. very impressive mounted to the wall in the living room. its a little finicky going back up. reminds me of how you have to pull the cord on the blinds towards the side to get them to stay up.