Optoma EP721 SVGA 2200-Lumens DLP Multimedia Data Projector

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The Optoma EP721 is a multi-faceted digital projector that is unparalleled in features and functionality. Featuring 2200 lumens of brightness and a variety of connectivity options, the EP721 is a lightweight SVGA powerhouse. The EP721 is the essential presentation tool that is user-friendly and delivers superior performance.

DLP Multimedia Data Projector

InFocus IN1 DLP Gaming Projector - 500 Lumens, VGA 640 x 480, 9.9 lbs

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InFocus IN1 DLP Gaming Projector This is it - The InFocus IN1 - a home entertainment projector with integrated high-output stereo speakers for gaming and video projection! Acoustically engineered to mimic the compact performance of high end car audio systems, and featuring DLP® chipset technology the InFocus IN1 projector supports full screen and widescreen video with rich contrast and beautiful colors. Every gaming system you own, movie and TV show can now be projected to huge proportions in amazing clarity with wall-shaking sound. Think of the InFocus IN1 DLP Gaming Projector like a hi-fi sandwich of home theater components you can take to another room, outside, to a neighbor’s house or on a road trip. You can’t pack a plasma TV in your car, but the InFocus IN1 DLP Gaming Projector will give you an impressive 100"+ image anywhere. Live the Game How about a life-sized bowling alley, tennis court or 8-v-8 battle arena? Just plug your Wii or Xbox into the InFocus IN1 DLP Gaming Projector and blow up the gaming experience to well over 8 feet, accompanied by the thumping audio you need to immerse yourself in the action. All this performance lives in an awesome projector and dock combination with nothing else to plug-in, swap around or fuss with to stop you from world domination. Featuring component video input, your games will be crystal-clear, easier to navigate and track down your on-screen enemies.

DLP Gaming Projector