Projector Screen 100IN Diagonal Accuscreens HDtv Manual Wall Ceiling 49X87IN

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The AccuScreen Manual Projector Screen is a sleek and attractive addition to your home theater. The steel case and durable plastic end caps are finished in an attractive Euro-White. The sturdy design of the Universal Mounting Brackets on each end cap allow for either wall or ceiling installation.All AccuScreen Manual screens are manufactured with the BalanceView viewing surface, providing the optimum in viewing pleasure. Brilliant colors and outstanding contrast capabilities bring out the best in your Home Theater projector! With sizes from 7' diagonal NTSC to an astounding 119" HDTV, your Theater will have a beautiful image, larger than any flat screen TV available! As an added bonus, all AccuScreen Manual Screens have black leader above the image area, allowing you the flexibility to position your screen where you want it, above and away from a beautiful image.

I have played around with (DIY) screens for some time, and decided it was time to get a "real" one. This one is of surprisingly good quality for the price. I even dealt with their customer service on a very minor issue and they were excellent.

Note: This screen does not allow remote control signals to pass through it and it muffles sound if the speakers are behind it. Maybe most are that way - I don't know, but it's an important consideration in fitting such a large item into your home theater environment.

One more important consideration is that you need to catch two beams to mount this and it's a 94" span. If your house is like mine, and like most the beams are 16" apart. It worked out fine for me (luckily) I caught a floor joist (lengthways) with 4" lag bolts.