Toshiba TDP-MT500 DLP Projector

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The MT500 midrange home cinema DLP projector with its performance data is the ideal choice for real home cinema enjoyment. The DMD chip ensures excellent black values due to its extraordinarily high contrast ratio of 2, 500: 1. Optimized by using PAL and by offering 16: 9 display, the MT500 ensures exceptionally sharp images. The integrated videoscaler guarantees state-of-the-art video signal processing and natural full colors. What is more, the MT500 is exceptionally user-friendly. The device comes with a new, multi-functional remote control with illuminated keys for comfortable use of the projector even in dark rooms. Moreover, the device can be remote-controlled by press of a key without having to select the on-screen display prior to use. With a fan noise of only 30 dB, the MT500 ensures even greater movie enjoyment.