Thinkvision C400 Wireless Projector

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Move easily from one office to another or from boardroom to conference room with a lightweight, compact projector that doesn't skimp on features. At only 3.1 kilograms (6.8 pounds) and a 50% reduction in size and requires barely more desk space than a standard sheet of paper, this projector provides portability to share throughout your department.

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Your staff will appreciate exceptional brightness with 2650 lumens as well as XGA (1024x768) maximum resolution.You can also enjoy time savings and convenience with remote asset management. The C400 makes it possible to manage your projector remotely over your network. Simply connect your projector to your network with an RJ-45 cable, and you will be able to access and manage your projector through any PC on your network via a Web browser. The projector can even automatically trigger an e-mail to your projector administrator to proactively alert them to any problems.