Mitsubishi HD4000U High Definition 720p DLP Home Theater Projector

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Widescreen images move easily from your desktop to the conference room – or even the family room – with the HD4000U, Mitsubishi's first WXGA, multimedia projector. This, high-brightness, DLP® high-definition projector is specially designed for wide-format laptops and imaging applications that use the 16:9 wide aspect ratio. Use it in the classroom, conference room, or in other spaces with ambient light. Or use it in your trade show booth, retail store, or showroom for eye catching displays. The true WXGA (1280x768) resolution of this high definition projector lets you display more content on screen.

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In the Boardroom, or at Home, You'll See Mitsubishi's Color Technology at Work
The HD4000U includes the latest DDP3020 TrueVision™ Image Processing with BrilliantColor™ to bring you truer, more vibrant colors, for an image that's visually comparable to similar multimedia projectors with much higher brightness specs. BrilliantColor™ for DLP technology uses a new color-processing algorithm to move beyond standard 3-color processing to a 6-color process that more accurately captures the true color common in video and nature scenes. The technology enables a greater than 50% brightness increase in mid tone images for video projectors. Since it's a true high definition projector that means it can be your choice for home entertainment as well.

Engineered for Long-Term Value
Misubishi's low maintenance design and strong warranty give you long-term value too. This multimedia projector carries 3-year parts and labor warranty, and three years on Mitsubishi's Express Replacement Assistance (ERA) program. Their filter-free design resists dust and dirt with no clogged filters to clean or change, reducing maintenance costs.