InFocus Work Big IN12 1800:1 DLP Projector

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The InFocus Work Big IN12 projector is on the knife-edge of performance and portability. Featuring a composite video input, along with a D-sub 15-pin VGA port, you can go from video source to data in a matter of seconds. Engineered with an extraordinarily adjustable 1.4x zoom lens, the IN12 will create the perfect image at any size; from 25-300 inches, in both 4:3 and 16:9 aspects ! The onboard 0.55? DLP chipset gives this ultra-mobile projector stealth and power, with a lamp output of 2000 lumens at an impressive 1800:1 contrast ratio. Also, the IN12 features DLP which is a filter-free system, so there's nothing to clean or replace! Run every meeting with superb picture quality thanks to the XGA-native resolution of the InFocus Work Big IN12. This new mobile projector keeps up with anything your laptop and mobile device display, all in high-resolution. Native 1024x678 XGA resolution combined with an 1800:1 contrast ratio and an astonishing 2000 lumens - and only 1.69? tall! Slip the InFocus Work Big IN12 from your briefcase and amaze your clients with its power and portability. 2000 lumens will illuminate your presentations in any room 2 year projector warranty, 6 month lamp warranty.